My understanding of CMS

CMS (content management system ) is a software system located between the WEB front end (Web server) and the back office system or process (content creation, editing). The content management solution focuses on the collection, management, utilization, delivery and value-added of various unstructured or semi-structured digital resources, and can be organically integrated into the business […]

Learn from wordpress

 This semester, I think the biggest gain is that I learned how to use WORPPRESS design and create a simple website, I also think WORDPRESS is the most practical tool. Because my IT foundation before is very bad, so I think WORDPRESS for my very helpful. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, […]

How to build house with OPENSIM 2

Recently this week because my other assessment is very much, so I OEPNSIM design of the house did not quickly created out,Honestly, my hands-on ability is very bad, so I  use of OPENSIM this software, I encountered a lot of challenges, but I still insist on the house to complete the model. Last week I have completed […]


OpenSimulator is an open-source server platform for hosting virtual worlds and the Metaverse. At one point, it was compatible with the client for Second Life but compatibility has waned for several years. OpenSim is OpenSimulator short, is a free open source software, so that everyone can create a virtual world, and run on their own […]

assignment 3 Class notes

Today we in the classroom for the assignment 3 choose their own research topic, clare want us to try to find the fun of IT, we will answer some of the following questions: The IT area/subject I have most enjoyed is game design The IT area/subject I least enjoyed is net working  because I think is very boring […]