FREE WRITING How to build house with OPENSIM

I still want to spend more time studying my subject under practical research.:Recently this week because my other assessment is very much, so I OEPNSIM design of the house did not quickly created out,Honestly, my hands-on ability is very bad, so I  use of OPENSIM this software, I encountered a lot of challenges, but I still insist on the house to complete the model.

Last week I have completed a house of the foundation, and then I went to the height of the construction of 2 layers,I also directly repeat the construction of the foundation, directly above the stack of two layers.


But should pay attention to the appearance of the house layout, if the foundation is too wide or too narrow will affect the appearance of the house, this time need to adjust.

After repeating the two layers directly, you need to use the editor to do some adjustments, because the number of directly repeated layers will not appear irregular. Of course, I have spent some time looking for this accurate editor, because I started with a single editor, which wasted me some time, but I think the process of learning and research is to explore the right way and useful skills


Finally, I want to start building a roof, the house now looks like the new house in the property market, but that is not the decoration of the house.

I first dragged into a ball model, but the general house roof can not be a ball, so I also need to intercept the ball model half, only half a ball model.
360截图-518712718I can also brush the walls of the house on the black, the ball model I feel very difficult to adjust, I also spent some time to adjust the normal.
I finally helped the roof with a layer of light blue after the last building I built out of the house, but the house is just a rough model, because I am not really skilled in OPENSIM, and many tools and components are not Use, so I can not give this room a lot of concrete details. But I am very confident in the next study, I can make good use of OPENSIM.


Today we in the classroom for the assignment 3 choose their own research topic, tracher want us to try to find the fun of IT, we will answer some of the following questions:

The IT area/subject I have most enjoyed is game design

The IT area/subject I least enjoyed is net working  because I think is very boring

The IT area/subject I was most interested in is website design

The one IT thing I never want to have to do again is building network

I chose to study IT because I   want to  study more about IT.

If I couldn’t study IT I would study art because I am very interested.

When I was a kid I wanted to be  a music player.

One IT thing I would like to know more about is game design.

I finally chose to use OPENSIM to design the game, in fact, this is also a very difficult software for me.But I think OPENSIM is a very interesting game design software, because the design of the 3D game screen is very nice.We then continue to analyze the IT areas that we are interested in, based on the following questions:

  1. Why is it interesting to you?

    I think OPENSIM designed the game is very cool, I really like to play the game type, such as Grandpa, I played for a long time this game. So I would like to use OPENSIM to design a similar simple game.

  2. Three things you know about it

    I know how to install and run OPENSIM, this is not directly installed and run, as well as set their own transfer, this is not a very simple process, you need to use some code instructions in OPENSIM Lane completed.Then I ran OPENSIM after i knew it was dragged into the inside model design game.

  3. Three things you believe about it

    I believe that OPENSIM many of the procedures are not very complicated, I also believe that OPENSIM server is very difficult to build, I finally believe that I can produce a complete simple game.

  4. Three things you don’t know about it

    I am most difficult to understand how to build the server, because I think it is very difficult, it should also not be free. Then a lot of code inside the language I do not understand, I need to learn these.
  5. Would you rather: Do something, Research it or Do both

    I would like to do research, but this is also the task of my WEB course, so I have to do both need to do. Research and practice are very helpful.

  6. Go and see if you can find an online resource about it and post url. This could be a  forum? facebook group? linkedin group? or a good blog?

    I am now only from the search engine to find information on OPENSIM, for example, this site is very helpful to me.

Research Method (Week11)

Which research method was used in the paper you have reviewed for Assignment 2?

The author used only a randomized survey of research methods.


Look up more details about it

He used this method to more accurately understand people’s travel traffic situation, but the random too large, it is easy to produce greater errors, because the survey object is too large. Authors collect data on the median and report to the public about the variation, author also sampled an interview with some tourists on the way to choose travel and time,so as more accurately understand the changes in travel behavior, and then conceive a more practical solution to solve the problem of traffic congestion.

So the author more to find a lot of information on the traffic situation with the network and books, including the history of traffic congestion and people travel changes.

Was it a good choice?

Yes, it is a bad choice for this article.

 Why do you think so?

I think the research method of random survey is not suitable for his question, may be a small area of traffic is very applicable, but the author to research the entire US city traffic jam problem, so only from the specialized traffic statistics department to get more reliable traffic information.

Write a brief description of ONE research method you think might be useful to you.

I think the research method may be useful to me, that is, theoretical research, because my topic is too large, the traffic situation in the world there is a very big difference, I think the author’s sample survey concluded very inaccurate, if directly from the book or Online traffic conditions to find the world better than the actual investigation.

Academic Articles (Week10)

Title: Gaming 2 x 2 games played once: Introduction Method Procedure The Game Matrices Results


This is an academic paper on game design, because I am very interested in game design, but I think these are still very difficult for me, I will be the next eight questions from the following analysis of this academic papers


    1. what does the title tell you about the paper?

      The title first told me that this is an analysis of the 2X2 game, and then directly introduced Method Procedure The Game Matrices Results. In fact, I see the title is not very clear that this is a kind of game.

  1. 2. Who is the paper written by and do they seem credible to you?

  2. The author of this academic paper is Guyer, Melvin J, a professor from the United States of America Decision Consortium, University of Michigan. I think this academic paper may not be very credible, the main reason is that this article even published in 1972, because the human game development is too fast, 40 years ago, the paper may be a lot of mistakes. There is also this game about early intellectual games that do not need any electronic equipment, so there are some credibility.
  3. 3. Does it have a helpful abstract? Give reasons for your answer.

  4. I think that the summary of this academic paper is very helpful, the summary is only a brief paragraph, it tells this is a study on the 2×2 game experiment, the author first randomly selected 214 men as the experimental object, let them play different variables 2×2 game, and then through the final results to prove the author’s guess.


4. What did the author(s) do in their research, what research approach and what method(s) did they use?

The authors used a randomized sample study, and I felt that the study was helpful for the author’s findings because the author’s experiment was not too small and he had a game experiment with 214 men, which could avoid some Occasional, the results will be relatively accurate.

5.What results does the paper report?

The results of the study indicate that native decision-makers are quite responsive to differences in the strategic characteristics of simple 2 x 2 games .


6. Was the paper worth reading? Give reasons for your answer.

In fact, I think this academic paper may not be very helpful to me, mainly on my want to find the game design, but I think it is worth reading, because this is some of the latest game on the experiment, The game is still very interesting.

7. Do you believe the results/findings or the paper? Give reasons for your answer.

I think this result is not very credible, or the old reason The age of this paper is too old, and now many academic papers point of view may have proved the conclusion of this paper is wrong.

8. What did you learn from reading the paper?

I learned from this paper a lot of early intellectual games, because the electronic equipment is not very popular, so people’s games can only direct interaction between people, I am very interested in these early games, I would like to know these games Is how to proceed, and then then experience the joy of these ancient games.



In general, I still feel that the content of this article is very interesting, and the author’s experimental process is very complex and serious, he almost attention to every detail, and even a lot of experimental subjects to experiment several times, the author is to get relatively accurate results.This academic paper is published in The Journal of Conflict Resolution, a very old scientific journal, and most importantly, the results of this academic thesis have some help on many of the strategies behind the game.



Search for academic articles(WEEK 9)

The theme of this week’s blog is to find two academic articles and to explain why they have the function of academic papers .And in accordance with the following requirements to determine whether it is academic articles:

  • the title
  • the authors (usually with an email address and affiliation)
  • the abstract
  • the introduction
  • a review of other papers relevant to the topic ( a literature review)
  • a description of what the research was and what the researchers did
  • the results of what they did
  • a discussion about what the results mean
  • a conclusion
  • a list of references

Clare explained a lot of her thoughts on academic papers, so I found  two articles judge whether it belongs to academic articles.


Web design papers

Title and author(s) of the article: Web design papers by Ju  Liu    , Hong jia , Ping Wang , Haipeng Liu ,Jing li    Five Chinese IT teachers of different universities.


APA reference:      doi :  Web design and production, 47 (3) 45-48  Wei Zhang, Jia fang .

how you found the article and what keywords you used: I used Baidu’s search engine .

what  kind of article  it  is : Journal paper in Academic magazine website on June 2014.

All the reasons that you think it is not article:

This article is published in an academic magazine that is not formal web design, it has enough pages, but the reference is too small and very informal. So I think this is not a formal academic paper, but once again a relatively academic article.And most of the authors are not from the very formal academic department, they are mostly ordinary teachers. This article is more for teaching materials.


Are you interested in properly reading the article or not : No, Because this article is no special new ideas, just as ordinary textbooks, I prefer to read novel articles, rather than the general teaching materials. And I think a lot of knowledge about web design is not very strict, so I think this article did not help me much.And I am now interested in the design of the article on the page, on the one hand because I have WEB courses and need to complete the assignment   and I really want to learn about web design.


Analysis of Computer Network Data Communication and Switching Technology

Title and author(s) of the article: Analysis of Computer Network Data Communication and Switching Technology by  Lulu Zhang , a  Chinese  computer teacher .

APA reference:

[1] Li Wensheng. Modern data communication in the exchange of technology analysis [J]. Digital Technology and Applications, 2015 (7): 36.
[2] Qin Changqian. Data communication technology in computer network [J]. Digital Technology and Application, 2015 (3): 20-20.
[3] Song Tongqing, jungle, Lu Baize, et al. Data communication technology in computer network [J]. Digital Technology and Application, 2015 (12): 48-48.
[4] Luo and Xin. Big data age computer remote network communication technology innovation application [J]. Technology and market, 2016,23 (7): 190-190.
[5] Zhang Cheng. Communication data cross technology in the computer network application [J]. Electronic world, 2014 (18): 280-280. doi :
how you found the article and what keywords you used:I used the academic magazine website database search engine search keywords keyword computer data exchange technology.

All the reasons that you think it is article:

The structure of this article is in line with the requirements of the academic paper, and the reference is very formal and enough pages. The other parts are also very formal, such as abstract, introduction, literature. The most important thing is that this is a Peer reviewed article.


Are you interested in properly reading the article or not : Yes, this paper   describes in detail the application of computer network data exchange technology and the latest developments. Although I have little knowledge of this technology, but this article is not very difficult to understand, it is very clear to write a variety of information exchange, I feel I can get some useful knowledge, so I am very interested in reading.



Searching Credible Evidence Articles (week8)

This week we list a lot of sources of information in the classroom, and let us rate these sources of information , the high number represents the higher the credibility of the information source and more popular.Column 14 is the number given by me. The highest score in this table is Google search, indicating that Google search is the most popular and people generally think very credible.


I think there are two ways to get the desired information, divided into their own practice to explore and from a variety of channels to get people to sum up the theory.We often use these two methods together to study things,then we started discussing two sources we can consider credible sources for research.




1. Digital Citizenship


An article I found when searching for Digital Citizenship on the web, from an article in China. This article was published on 16/12/2015 as a university education paper. I think this article is highly credible, I will give 8 points (1-10) to this article, because this article is used to educate students.


I found an article on the web when I searched for Digital Citizenship, which came from the Chinese article library. This article was posted on 2/12/2016 by users. I think this article is not very high credibility, I will give 4 points (1-10) to this article, because this article is an academic paper, but by many people put together, rigorous High, and the identity of the author is also difficult to believe.


An article I found when I searched Digital Citizenship on the web, from an article in China. This article was translated in 2/2/2016 by Chinese users and uploaded. The original author of this article is Bill Ziegler. Bill Ziegler is the US annual digital head of 2015, as an academic public figure, I think this article is highly credible, I will give 8 points (1-10 ) To this article, this article through practical experiments and other data to explain what is explained Digital Citizenship and how to develop Digital Citizenship.
2. Virtualization Technology


An article I found when searching for Virtualization Technology on the web, this article comes from a blog. This article was published by a university teacher at 06/02/2015. This article as a Virtualization Technology introduced and discussed more than 8,000 people on the site to watch the comments, download more than 1000 times. I think the credibility of this article in 6 points (1-10). Because this article is viewed and adopted by many people, which proves that this article has a certain rationality, but the author is not clear and the network of the total factors to reduce the feasibility of the article.


An article I found when searching for Virtualization Technology on the web, this article is a publication called the three mainstream virtualization technology comparative analysis report. This book is published by Kate Zhang in 2012. I think the credibility of this article in 7 points (1-10). Because the book publishers are very famous in China Xinhua Publishing House, and this book on the Internet score of 3.8 points (1-5) has more than 6,000 comments.


An article I found on the web when I searched for Virtualization Technology, a paper written by a university professor and two graduate students. This article was published in 2011. I think the credibility of this article in 8 points (1-10). Because this article is published by the world’s top 100 university professors. The content of this article was quoted in 690 papers, with a very high degree of credibility.




Progress Report 1 (week7)

RES701 Progress Report 1

Background Information

Research Topic: How to Use Modern Technologies to Solve Traffic Problems
Purpose: To ease the harsh traffic environment
Goal: Using modern information technology
Research issues: Factors affecting traffic issues
Potential result: Information technology can handle traffic problems

Primary Research 

  • which
  • What
  • Where
  • When

Other Information

  • External environment
    Personal subjective
  • Emphasis Change 
  • variable


Secondary Research
Primary Research
Other Information