Initial thoughts on research

First of all, I think research is a process of thinking about new information, which is a process of finding problems and solving problems. This is a very common and abstract process.

Effective research is very important because many ineffective research may lead you get the wrong conclusion. Effective research must come from a lot of sources of information, and we need to compare and think about the information from different sources so that we can get a more objective and accurate result. We also need to make a critical analysis of the conclusions of the research, we get what can be effective research.

  • Do you think you will ever need research skills?

Honestly, I am learning how to complete my software development course, the software profession requires me to complete a lot of programs even the complete APP. So I will encounter a lot of questions about software or code. I really need to study the skills, which I can effectively solve the software problem.

In fact, research skills  to improve the efficiency of solving problems,For example, I learned the SDV701 last task last semester, even now I still have many question about difficult assignment , such as why the code can not achieve the function, because I lack the efficient research skills, so I spent too much time to do invalid research, and then the final question has not yet solved even get more problems.

Although this is a disappointment, because I spent a lot of time but did not solve the problem. But research skills are a long-term training process. I need to slowly improve the efficiency of solving problems from a lot of inefficient research, and I think it is also a process of IT technology and IT knowledge accumulation.

  • What do you think a research journal is and who is it written for?

I think the research journal is a record of many of our thinking about various things, including what we are interested thing, ,I think that research journals should still be on the thinking and practice of each lesson, which is also a place to practice research techniques in research journals.

Of course, I think the most important thing in research journals is to prove that I am learning, To be honest, I am not a very active person. So I think the research journal is a let me share my  thinking with Clare and record what I have done for these ideas and let Clare see my progress in the research process. This is an important process for my software course. Because I really want to learn more and successfully complete the software course.

We had a class discussion about what good and useful features to include in our blogs, and   I also combined assignment 1 score requirements should be included in the blogs:

Review your previous postings
Record your thoughts
Contains useful information in journals.
Search function
Provide links to valid sources of information
Regularly updated
Easy to navigate and read

Number of blogs

  • What is plagiarism?                                                                                                                               I think it is very popular understanding is the practice of Ctrl + V, has not marked the information reference. I think this is a very unethical behavior, because it is about the integrity of the problem. More important things do not help your study and research.
  • Why is it important to avoid it?                                                                                                                   I think from the character point of view this is a disgraceful thing, because it is dishonest performance, and even cause a lot of people despise.   As well as from the practical point of view this may make your academic failure, because the basic all schools are very focused on plagiarism. So even if I really do not even a lot of things will fail some courses, I will not plagiarism.                                                                                                        

Additional : This is my first start of the new blog, I compared the last semester of the blog, I still think my last semester of the attitude is a little perfunctory. So I still want to be passionate and enjoy the research journals, although I have lack of  many research skills and  basis . I also look forward to you can put some suggestions on my blog content, I will enjoy this problem-solving process.I hope it is a lucky and enjoy  semester . Thank for reading .🙂

My understanding of CMS

CMS (content management system ) is a software system located between the WEB front end (Web server) and the back office system or process (content creation, editing). The content management solution focuses on the collection, management, utilization, delivery and value-added of various unstructured or semi-structured digital resources, and can be organically integrated into the business intelligence environment of structured data such as OA, CRM and so on. Content creators, editors, publishers use the content management system to submit, modify, approve, publish content. Here refers to the “content” may include documents, tables, pictures, data in the database and even video everything you want to publish to the Internet, Intranet and extranet site information.



In fact, CMS is not a very clear concept, different institutions have different understanding, the industry has not yet a unified definition of CMS.

In my opinion , CMS (content management system) is an application used to create, categorise and store structured and unstructured data.


This data content is available via a web browser in Web Content Management Systems (WCMS), and via GUIs in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems.


Because the beginning of people when making the site, the efficiency is extremely low and a lot of mistakes. The people who make the site and have to understand a lot of difficult SOL language, but the growing demand for the site, it should receive a lot of website developers negative feedback:

1 .Page production disorder, site style is not uniform, a lot of information accumulation, the release is unusually heavy;

2. Content is complicated, manual management efficiency is low, manual link video and audio information is often unable to achieve;

3.The application of high difficulty, many of the work requires technical staff to complete, the role of division of labor is not clear;

4.Revision workload, poor system expansion, integration of other applications is to reduce the flexibility;

So people began to invent a kind of efficient production and design of the site application, CMS was born.


And the biggest advantage of CMS is that managers can easily design and create websites, even if managers do not understand a lot of website code and various types of IT language .Even there are hundreds CMS being used all around the world. CMS development is extremely rapid after 2000, and CMS greatly improved the efficiency of many enterprise information management work, many companies and enterprises in order to maintain competitiveness and vigorously develop CMS technology.



Learn from wordpress

 This semester, I think the biggest gain is that I learned how to use WORPPRESS design and create a simple website, I also think WORDPRESS is the most practical tool.

Because my IT foundation before is very bad, so I think WORDPRESS for my very helpful.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, even more than 95 percent of the blog users are using WordPress, more than 20 percent of the newly created sites are created with WordPress or its templates.


Wrodpress is a very important advantage is the applicability of the requirements of users is very high, the basic user’s website requires you to use WordPress solution.

I think WORDPRESS inside the plug-in is the most convenient tool for the design of the site, you can find all the plug-ins you want the function.


When editing a web page with a plug-in is also very convenient, just only you want to design things put directly change, do not need the user to understand any computer code.

Because WordPress is full of features and rich in theme, users can directly manage their own website through the background, WORDPRESS on the suitability of customer needs may be the highest in all CMS, mainly reflected in the customer may be very easy and convenient according to their own needs management and Design the contents of the site, the customer will be very easy to learn these simple operation, so they will be applied to WORDPRESS extremely fast.


WordPress is an open source, free blog (blog, blog) engine developed using PHP and MySQL databases. Users can build their own blogs on servers that support PHP and MySQL databases. It has a very powerful function, there are thousands of plug-ins and template themes, but also according to their own hobbies, their own development of their favorite theme, expansion, you can meet any of your personal needs, installation and use are very convenient The WordPress has become the mainstream blog to build the platform

WordPress has the world’s most powerful plugin template. Individuals can develop templates and plugins themselves based on the rules provided by their core programs. He can in a moment to change your blog into cms, forums, portals and other types of sites, it is a powerful feature you look at each other. WordPress Theme style template is the world’s most of the program, the type of complex, commendable, many styles, you only need to put a different template file into the space of the Theme directory can be free in the background changes, easy to apply, and no matter what language pack you install, you are free to use these styles, there is no limit. WordPress Plugin extension plugin too much, so I can not choose a few to give you a detailed explanation. But I want to tell you that, as long as you master the plugin directory plug-in file to use, what program in your eyes will be pediatric. Only need to upload the plug-in file to your FTP plugin directory, you can directly in the background to use management. And even powerful plug-ins will have a list of their own management in the background, like the program comes with the like, it’s powerful plug-ins to include all the features that can be implemented on the Internet.

So WORDPRESS created and designed out of the site type and appearance is very much, and because the background program stability, the general stability of these sites and compliance are very high.

How to build house with OPENSIM 2

Recently this week because my other assessment is very much, so I OEPNSIM design of the house did not quickly created out,Honestly, my hands-on ability is very bad, so I  use of OPENSIM this software, I encountered a lot of challenges, but I still insist on the house to complete the model.

Last week I have completed a house of the foundation, and then I went to the height of the construction of 2 layers,I also directly repeat the construction of the foundation, directly above the stack of two layers.


But should pay attention to the appearance of the house layout, if the foundation is too wide or too narrow will affect the appearance of the house, this time need to adjust.

After repeating the two layers directly, you need to use the editor to do some adjustments, because the number of directly repeated layers will not appear irregular. Of course, I have spent some time looking for this accurate editor, because I started with a single editor, which wasted me some time, but I think the process of learning and research is to explore the right way and useful skills


Finally, I want to start building a roof, the house now looks like the new house in the property market, but that is not the decoration of the house.

I first dragged into a ball model, but the general house roof can not be a ball, so I also need to intercept the ball model half, only half a ball model.
360截图-518712718I can also brush the walls of the house on the black, the ball model I feel very difficult to adjust, I also spent some time to adjust the normal.
I finally helped the roof with a layer of light blue after the last building I built out of the house, but the house is just a rough model, because I am not really skilled in OPENSIM, and many tools and components are not Use, so I can not give this room a lot of concrete details. But I am very confident in the next study, I can make good use of OPENSIM.

How to build house with OPENSIM

I learned about the use of OPENSIM, I began to try to use OPENSIM to build a simple house.I first dragged a cube model because it was the basic prototype of the house.360截图-510947796

Then I continued with the board model on the side of the cube, first to do the foundation of the house.


This is just a model of amplification, but I want to complete the house, but also need a lot of other skills, but because it is just contact OPENSIM this software, so I do not know how many features, and now I can only use the most Simple way to build this house。


Then I can directly repeat the foundation of this model, directly for the wall part of the house, of course, I now only need to make the approximate model of the house, a lot of specific details of the house to make up later.


And then directly to the other side is also covered with a board model, but must leave a hole, because it is as a house window or door, but this process is not simple, I spent some time to try out each one Hole parts, and there are many parts I will not use, but research and school has always been a process of exploration, I still need to take the time to solve these problems.

I use OEPNSIM, found the biggest problem is that many parts and tools can not be saved, it may be these are not free, I need to pay to use. But I read a lot of tutorials have told me that this is wrong, the biggest may be my OPENSIM incomplete or my computer system is not compatible.



OpenSimulator is an open-source server platform for hosting virtual worlds and the Metaverse. At one point, it was compatible with the client for Second Life but compatibility has waned for several years.

OpenSim is OpenSimulator short, is a free open source software, so that everyone can create a virtual world, and run on their own computer.
This is a completely decentralized world that supports Oculus Rift in VR mode. Virtual avatars are free to transfer between different worlds, just as easy as opening links on other pages into other sites. It is also a virtual human muscle and skeleton simulator, a very alternative experience
OPENSIM belongs to your own world and you can do whatever you like. This is very important for schools and business organizations that do not want to enter a world controlled by others. Because it is your world, you can decide who has permission to enter, you can decide the contents of the world, you can do anything else. And you do not have to give up any of the rights you create.
You can put the model directly into OPENSIM, but there are many objects that need code to be implemented.

assignment 3 Class notes

Today we in the classroom for the assignment 3 choose their own research topic, clare want us to try to find the fun of IT, we will answer some of the following questions:

The IT area/subject I have most enjoyed is game design

The IT area/subject I least enjoyed is net working  because I think is very boring

The IT area/subject I was most interested in is website design

The one IT thing I never want to have to do again is building network

I chose to study IT because I   want to  study more about IT.

If I couldn’t study IT I would study art because I am very interested.

When I was a kid I wanted to be  a music player.

One IT thing I would like to know more about is game design.

I finally chose to use OPENSIM to design the game, in fact, this is also a very difficult software for me.But I think OPENSIM is a very interesting game design software, because the design of the 3D game screen is very nice.We then continue to analyze the IT areas that we are interested in, based on the following questions:

  1. Why is it interesting to you?

    I think OPENSIM designed the game is very cool, I really like to play the game type, such as Grandpa, I played for a long time this game. So I would like to use OPENSIM to design a similar simple game.

  2. Three things you know about it

    I know how to install and run OPENSIM, this is not directly installed and run, as well as set their own transfer, this is not a very simple process, you need to use some code instructions in OPENSIM Lane completed.Then I ran OPENSIM after i knew it was dragged into the inside model design game.

  3. Three things you believe about it

    I believe that OPENSIM many of the procedures are not very complicated, I also believe that OPENSIM server is very difficult to build, I finally believe that I can produce a complete simple game.

  4. Three things you don’t know about it

    I am most difficult to understand how to build the server, because I think it is very difficult, it should also not be free. Then a lot of code inside the language I do not understand, I need to learn these.
  5. Would you rather: Do something, Research it or Do both

    I would like to do research, but this is also the task of my WEB course, so I have to do both need to do. Research and practice are very helpful.

  6. Go and see if you can find an online resource about it and post url. This could be a  forum? facebook group? linkedin group? or a good blog?

    I am now only from the search engine to find information on OPENSIM, for example, this site is very helpful to me.